The Fight Back Performance and Recovery solution provides an integrated approach of physical therapy, personal training, nutrition and other essential recovery services. Our methodology is unique in that we bridge the gap that currently exists for patients completing physical therapy. By integrating the full breadth of strength and recovery services not only do we improve the likelihood of recovery but in many cases, we increase the potential for addressing the root cause or underlying condition that led to the original injury or diagnosis.

Our Purpose:

We meet people where they are and provide a loving community that will empower, inspire, teach, and train them to fight back in the battle they face.


To be disruptive in the performance and recovery arena allowing everyone the opportunity to benefit from a multidisciplinary approach of experts in physical therapy, personal training, and nutritional counseling to recover and perform at their greatest potential or improve their cancer outcome.

Mission Statement:

Instill hope that your future is better through a customized program, combining your effort with our expertise, empowering you to achieve your best life possible. 


1200 East Morehead Street
Suite 190
Charlotte, NC, 28204


6am – 7pm Weekdays